Get A Mediator For Your Case

Mediation enables you resolve disputes easily and amicably without having to go to Court. We have prequalified Mediators who will help you resolve your case affordably and efficiently.

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Get A Contract

For the first time, you can affordably have your contracts and affidavits created online. You only need to login and get a lawyer drafting your document immediately!

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HR Policy & Employment Contracts

We support HR Departments on matters of onboarding and exit of employees into the Company. We prepare standard or specialized Employment Contracts...

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Engage Us On A Monthly Retainer

For a start, we give you legal advice on any topic of your choice, which allows you to get to know us better. If we are a good fit for your business, then we will enter into an agreement where we shall handle all your day-to-day legal issues.

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Get Started On Your Estate Planning

You have worked hard and you want your dependants to be adequately taken care of in any eventuality. You want your family to take care of the property and apply it for the benefit of the people...

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Get A Data Protection Package

We undertake the Data Protection Policy formulation for your company and also Review of Terms and Conditions. We Audit your data handling and processing compliance...

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Ask A Legal Question

We opted to offer the ‘Ask A Lawyer’ digitally because that is the easiest way to reach a wide range of users who require access to information on the go...

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Get A Legal Compliance Package

We are legal experts who are also ISO certified in Quality Management, and our clients can always rely on our expertise to protect their business from legal risks...

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We Will Help You Digitize Your Firm

Our Practice Management system helps you keep track of files, compliance, billing and expenses. With the Wakiliz FMS, you stay on top of your practice, whenever, wherever.

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Schedule A Consultation

Book us for a consultation on the various legal services that we offer.

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We are a well-respected, dynamic, energetic and agile team of advocates; and we pride ourselves in being the first 100% digitized Law Firm in Africa. Our digital services put us in the forefront in terms of responsiveness to our clients’ needs in these changing times.

We are a key partner to professionals and businesses, because at the core, we seek to avert and minimize legal risks and liabilities, dispute avoidance and/or resolution, and contract management. We help teams optimize their productivity in business by offering Customized legal document including Contacts drafting and review, Human Resource contracts, policy and support, and Estate planning and wills, among others.

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